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With this massage, give away a combination of a soothing Abhyanga full-body massage and passive elements of yoga - stretch and relax at the same time!  read more

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Balendu's unique concept of yoga massage resonates with a wide range of people! Why? Of course - you stretch and strengthen your body during an Ayurveda oil massage. This means that you take the beneficial effects of both yoga and Ayurveda with you!

The principle is simple: the body is gently stretched into various positions and held there, while the stretched muscle or the surrounding area is usually massaged. This achieves a flexibilizing effect that cannot be achieved with massage or the yoga position alone.

Tensions in muscle parts are released with the yoga massage in depth, the connective tissue is strengthened and the blood circulation is also stimulated. The whole thing happens within one's own limits and without putting any strain on the joints, for example, which is a challenge for many when practicing yoga independently.

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Once or as a package

Once 90 minutes, Once 120 minutes, 10+1 card for 90 minutes, 10+1 card for 120 minutes


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