Kati Basti and Prishth Basti – relieve back pain

In modern times, pain in the back, from the neck to the coccyx, is one of the most common complaints. Herniated discs, back pain caused by poor posture or sitting for long periods, neck pain from computer work or looking down at mobile devices, or even lower back pain from heavy lifting are all common complaints from our visitors!

Of course, back massages already help to relieve pain and relax muscles, especially if you use them regularly. However, Ayurveda has two very special uses for those who have ailments in this area!

Warm oil for the pain

The treatments are called Kati Basti and Prishth Basti, where Kati Basti is applied to the lower back area and Prishth Basti to the rest of the back. We use a ring of dough to create a warm pool of oil on the pain points or nerve centers in the back. The warmth and healing properties of the herbs in it help to relax your back and release tension that is often the source of pain.

In this way, this pain application restores flexibility and even relieves pain from sciatica or herniated discs.

Duration: 30 minutes
Cost: 70 euros

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