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In Ayurveda, Basti refers to the cleansing of the lower digestive system with the help of an enema or colonic irrigation. This application leads to the elimination of toxins, strengthens the immune system and helps to relieve indigestion and reduce stress. By customizing the Basti, we respond individually to the needs of your body. Bring your doshas back into balance and feel more comfortable in your body again!

Who is a Basti recommended for and how does it work?

The Ayurvedic enema is particularly used when there is an imbalance in the Dosha Vata - and this is often expressed, for example, by digestive problems such as flatulence and constipation, but also by chronic states of exhaustion. It has proven to be helpful for a variety of complaints as the cleanse leaves the body feeling more powerful. This means it is also used for sleep disorders, psychological problems such as depression and burnout, as well as a range of pains, such as joint pain. It also has a rejuvenating effect on the skin and complexion and helps reduce stress!

How exactly does an Ayurvedic enema work – two possible forms

Before a Basti enema, there is first a discussion about the issue and the desired effect of the application. Depending on the situation, a decision is made as to whether Basti will be carried out with an individual composition of warm oils or a special herbal mixture in warm water. About half a liter to a liter of this mixture is introduced into the rectum and usually remains there for about five to ten minutes before the liquid is excreted again.

Colonic irrigation – a standalone application or part of a Panchakarma treatment

To all those who want to try out the Ayurvedic form of cleansing, we recommend Basti as part of a Panchakarma treatment, for example in ours Ayurveda treatment to experience. The Ayurvedic food, massages and other treatments ideally support the detoxification and purification process.

Duration: 60 minutes
Cost: 125 euros

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