Ayurveda Partner Massage Workshop

Who doesn't dream of coming home after a long day at work, where your partner is waiting for you with a relaxing oil massage? A massage that not only relieves tension in the back, but also helps your body to detoxify and strengthen the immune system. This dream can come true - learn the basics of Ayurveda massage together with your partner!

One day Ayurveda massage training

Together you will learn how to move your hands so that they do not tire and hurt, but at the same time go deep into the tissues and release tension there. You will learn how to set various processes in the body in motion by stimulating the Marma points, the acupuncture points of Ayurveda.

Learning on the model, as an observer and as a recipient

Because there are three of you in the workshop with Balendu, you not only learn by watching, but also by massaging your partner yourself and also feeling how the same handles and movements feel on your own body!

Benefit from Balendu's experience and learn to give authentic Ayurveda massages - and the nice side effect: you spend time together, get to know each other's bodies even better and strengthen your relationship!

prices and dates

6 hour workshop: 500 euros per couple

We can choose the date flexibly and individually - just contact us: 0611-16898161 or email [email protected]

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