The Ayurveda body type determination is a very interesting way to learn more about yourself. Every person carries all elements and thus all three doshas of Ayurveda. At the same time, however, every person is individual and these doshas are differently pronounced in each of us. It shows physically, but also mentally and emotionally. If we do not live in harmony with this basic nature of our body, the doshas become imbalanced.

Dosha Determination

For an accurate and personal determination of your constitution, we arrange three appointments for an interview, feedback and finally a final meeting. You will find out which doshas are active in your body and what you can do to bring your body into balance.

First meeting of body type determination

At the first appointment you will be asked questions about your lifestyle and eating habits, how you feel about your body and your emotional and mental situation. You can address topics that often or currently concern you - from physical complaints to disturbing thought and behavior patterns. The body is then examined with gentle pressure on Ayurvedic acupuncture points and a pulse diagnosis is carried out.

During this meeting, you will receive tips and recommendations on lifestyle and nutrition that you can implement in the days that follow.

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  • life advice
  • body type determination

Second meeting the body type determination

After about a week you can give feedback on how the recommended changes have affected your physical condition. In the conversation, the advice is deepened and adjusted according to these experiences, so that you can adapt even more individually to what your body needs.

Third meeting the body type determination

Finally, in the third and final week, there will be a final meeting, in which you can once again report how the previous changes feel to you. Finally, you get a multi-page final analysis with all the results for your individual body type, lifestyle and nutrition recommendations and also recipes, yoga and breathing exercises.

Duration: Three sessions of around 30 minutes each
Costs: 150 euros

We look forward to seeing you for your individual body type determination!

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