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A blessing for you or the recipient: the Abhyanga full body massage not only relaxes, it also stimulates detoxification and you feel refreshed and strengthened by the individually tailored massage!  read more 

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An Ayurveda Abhyanga is simply a full body massage with Ayurveda oil. But this massage has a great effect.

Relaxation, detox, rejuvenation, strengthening, strengthening and many more benefits

The Abhyanga at Balendu is also so popular because it is not just about gently stroking the body, but because the mindful yet powerful massaging movements strengthen the connective tissue, stimulate organs, encourage detoxification, and relieve muscle tension right down to the fascia and stimulate nerve endings. Detoxification begins and with regular visits you will soon notice that you feel more energetic, your skin regains elasticity and you have generally gained enormously in well-being!

Additional information

Once or as a package

Once 45 minutes, Once 60 minutes, 10+1 card for 45 minutes, 10+1 card for 60 minutes


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