If you are interested in Indian, vegetarian and Ayurvedic cuisine, if you enjoy cooking or if you feel like trying something out yourself at one of our Ayurveda dinners, you are welcome to take part in an Ayurveda cooking workshop!

They chop and peel together while Balendu explains the basics of Ayurveda and shows which ingredients are used together and why. You will learn about the three body types of Ayurveda and what effects the ingredients from them have. A delicious, balanced dinner is prepared that we enjoy together at the end of the workshop!

Duration: about 4 hours
Cost: 60 euros per person

get in the mood? Here are the next dates - just book here or write to us [email protected]! Of course we can also be reached by email, phone and WhatsApp if you have technical problems or questions!

If you have a group of at least six friends or family members and you all want to do a workshop together, we can also make a separate appointment for you! Of course, we don't just limit ourselves to Wiesbaden and the surrounding area for an Ayurveda cooking workshop - if you know a few people who love to cook, Balendu can also invite them to other places in Germany!

We look forward to you!