Ayurvedic massage

Simply relax, do something good for your muscles, care for your skin and at the same time detoxify your body - all this happens during an Ayurveda massage!

Balendu massages with the original techniques of Ayurveda, which have been used in India for centuries and passed on in families from generation to generation.

Marma or vital points, similar to acupuncture points, are activated, the herbs in the Ayurvedic oil penetrate the skin and remove toxins from the body and of course the blood circulation is stimulated. As a result, an Ayurveda massage also has a rejuvenating effect, the skin tightens and the effect of wrinkles is prevented. Anyone suffering from joint problems such as rheumatism, arthrosis and arthritis can experience relief from the soothing massages. A stomach massage helps to stimulate digestion and get the metabolism moving, which of course helps with all kinds of digestive problems! In an Ayurvedic treatment with warm oil, heat is applied directly to the pain points - this allows the body to relax and tense muscles to relax.

Whether from top to bottom or just the feet - the choice is yours!

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