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The forehead affusion is known in Ayurveda to help with mental difficulties, but also with tinnitus and migraines. One thing works in any case: you relax completely and your thoughts have a break! So give a forehead shower as a gift or use it yourself after a massage for absolute relaxation! read more

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After a massage that could relax the body, it is finally the mind's turn with an oil forehead shower, called Shirodhara: a steady jet of warm oil flows onto the forehead and spreads soothingly over the head. One still wants to follow the movements of the ray, but one finally lets go of this intention with one's thoughts.

Ayurveda reports that the forehead shower has beneficial effects on:

Switch off stress, migraines, tension, depression, tinnitus, headaches, sleeping difficulties and problems.

Even a more positive attitude can be observed with repeated use. So if you want a long-lasting effect, you can also get a 10+1 card from us - eleven applications for the price of ten!

Additional information

Once or as a package

Once 30 minutes, 10+1 card for Shirodhara


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