Our pelvis is an important part of our physique, which is not only important for our posture when sitting and walking, but also carries important organs. With a pelvic massage, we do something good for both these organs and the muscles around them!

Our pelvis gives us support and stability, but it must also be flexible enough to absorb shock when running and moving. Our pelvic floor muscles stabilize the lower back and the middle of the body. It is in connection with the bones and also the sacroiliac joint. If difficulties arise here - due to incorrect posture, pelvic misalignment or tension - pain often spreads through the entire pelvis and up into the back.

  • pelvic massage
  • pelvic massage

At the same time, the pelvis, together with the pelvic floor muscles, also holds the abdominal and pelvic organs in place and supports them. If the pelvic floor is weak, the strength and tension of these muscles is impaired - tension and pain are the result.

A pelvic massage relieves muscle tension in both the abdomen and lower back. It restores elasticity and flexibility to the connective tissue and thus helps the pelvis to regain the point of strength that we need.

During and after pregnancy, the female pelvis is stressed and the muscles have to be extremely resilient. Pregnant women can use our Pregnancy massage also as a package take up – or come to specifically this pelvic massage. A pelvic massage also helps loosen and relax the muscles during menstruation, for example in the event of cramps, PMS symptoms or menopause, thereby relieving pain.

Duration: 30 minutes
Cost: 45 euros

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