brooding thoughts? worried about the future? No more joy?

Then it's time to consider psychological counseling. There are many situations in life where you realize you're just not quite the same anymore. You're constantly getting caught up in thoughts you can't get rid of, you feel depressed and you just can't get out of there on your own. At the same time, it's not so bad that you think you need psychotherapeutic help - or maybe you do? A consultation is the first step to help yourself – with some support, of course. With us, Ramona provides psychological support in her counseling sessions.


Ramona has already gained experience in stress management during her years in India - doing yoga together with groups, doing breathing exercises and relaxation techniques and having lots of conversations. Since moving to Germany, she has completed a psychology degree (M.Sc.), was certified as a stress management trainer and is currently training to become a psychotherapist.

In a psychological consultation, the problem is first clarified - what is it about, what exactly do I want to achieve and what do I need for it. Depending on the need, it then goes in different directions, for example, resources are activated together to build up strength again, the cause is analyzed or the pattern of our thoughts that underlies our emotions is analyzed, together we go in search of positive ones activities, alternative perspectives and behaviors. There is a range of techniques, tools and methods at hand to initiate change!

Take the first step and register for an appointment: WhatsApp to 0171-2744984 or by mail [email protected].

Length of time: 50 minutes
Cost: 95 euros

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