Deep relaxation for the mind

Probably the best known and most popular Ayurvedic treatment is Shirodhara, the forehead pouring with warm oil. After a full body massage that relaxes the entire body, close your eyes and enjoy warm oil being poured onto your forehead, relieving tension of all kinds.

This application has a calming effect on the vegetative nervous system. Your mental and emotional stress dissolves and you experience a deeper state of relaxation than usual. Of course, the effect is stronger after several repetitions of this treatment, but after just one Shirodhara experience you can feel how good it is for you!

Shirodhara for sleep and against stress!

You sleep better, can concentrate better and even develop a more positive attitude with less tension and stress. The application is recommended for sleep disorders and all effects of stress - up to and including depression!

The forehead affusion works best after a full body or Marma massage, when the body is already relaxed and the head can follow.

Duration: 30 minutes
Cost: 70 euros

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