All-round care – the perinatal Ayurveda massage package

In India and especially in Ayurveda, it is a long tradition that women regularly enjoy pregnancy massages around the time of the birth of their child. Relaxation, strengthening, well-being and also better handling of the many changes that result from pregnancy and life with a newborn - we bring all of this together in our offer for expectant mothers and new mums!

Pregnancy massage – help to prepare for a new life

Pregnancy is a very special time in a woman's life. With all the preparations that you make for the baby in the house, the body also makes its own preparations! It is not only the weight that changes, and with it the posture, muscle and joint strain, but also the hormone balance. This leads to being physically tired, more prone to stress and emotional turbulence, and of course feeling aches and pains, especially in the back.


Every pregnancy is very individual - and every massage helps with the necessary areas. Of course, the tense muscles are loosened and the pain relieved. At the same time, the massage stimulates blood circulation and prevents stretch marks. Water retention can be reduced and digestion is also stimulated, which prevents or remedy typical digestive problems during pregnancy.

But not only the body benefits from the pregnancy massage - the mind can also relax! And that's already a lot done, because it reduces fears and stress and makes you feel emotionally more comfortable and balanced. Stress-related exhaustion, headaches and even insomnia can be a thing of the past!

Postnatal Massage - Helping to adjust the body and mind

After the birth, new mothers have the greatest gift of their lives in their arms - on the other hand, they have a lot of unfamiliar work, less sleep and a completely new life situation. These changes are physical, but also emotional!

The massage after childbirth, similar to that full body massage, continues to help relieve stress and relax, while at the same time helping the body to heal. The uterus and abdominal muscles can all be put back in their place and residual water retention is reduced. The body feels different after birth - and so you get to know it in a relaxed way and give it a well-deserved break.


In Ayurveda, pregnancy massage begins in the second trimester and continues until long after the birth. You should wait three weeks after a natural birth, and six weeks after a caesarean section – or wait as long as the doctor recommends.


Duration: 60 minutes
Cost: 85 euros

We have put together two packages from which everyone can choose a suitable one:

Small package:

  • 24 weekly massages of 60 minutes each
  • Duration: Six months
  • Start: about three months before birth
  • End: about three months after birth

Only 1900 euros (Instead of 2040 Euro regular price)

Big package:

  • 36 weekly massages of 60 minutes each
  • Duration: Nine months
  • Start: about six months before birth
  • End: about three months after birth

Only 2800 euros (Instead of 3060 Euro regular price)

Jazmane Brown

Fantastic prenatal massage! Super professional, the venue it immaculately clean, and I left feeling SO much better with all this back pain in the third trimester. Definitely coming back sooner than later.

Lara Mänche

Was visiting Wiesbaden and had the Marma massage on the recommendation of a friend. I was treated very individually, my problem areas were addressed and the intensity was also adjusted. As a midwife, I can also confidently recommend pregnancy massage! The best thing you can treat yourself and your baby to during pregnancy is a massage! If I lived nearby, I would come regularly.

Sarom Yohannes

I am enthusiastic about the pregnancy massage and can only recommend it. My tensions throughout my body have eased well, allowing me to sleep well and breathe better for the first time in weeks.

Carina Eichele

Baby and I were very relaxed afterwards. I can only recommend the pregnancy massage.


We were there the day before yesterday and were very satisfied with the massage. For me it was the pregnancy massage and my husband got a full body massage. We received a really warm welcome and were then straight away. Very great employees and you felt really comfortable. It was really good and we really enjoyed it. Thank you again at this point. 🙂

En Ok Kvon

First time I came to ammaji's center during my pregnancy in 2019 and since than I am a regular customer. The massage helped me a lot especially in last months of pregnancy. My body felt so good and so much relaxed. I could sleep like an angel all night long. After delivery I came back again for intensive course in order to speed up the recovery process and get relaxed the tensed muscles. And my newbone baby was happy to get a baby massage there. ???? Definitely recommended! My tip: try yoga massage ????

Since children cannot be calculated exactly, we can of course simply add massages that could not take place before the birth to the end or bring them forward if someone takes longer to come into the world.

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