If you enjoy helping other people to relax or relieve their pain and if you want to know what is behind this pain, this Ayurveda massage training is the right place for you! Learn How to Give an Ayurvedic Oil Massage for Relaxation and Pain Relief!

It is a basis for self-employment or employment, but also for being able to do something good privately for friends and family! This training has also proven to be very useful for people who work a lot on the computer and need a break - and who knows, maybe you will end up in the Part-time job in our team!?

Focus on practice – Ayurvedic massages learn

All hours of training are practical training hours. However, that doesn't mean that you just massage every time - sometimes you get a massage to feel the effects yourself, sometimes you do the massage yourself and maybe you watch an employee and Balendu. This way you get practice giving someone a massage or treatment yourself and sometimes you just have time to observe each step and internalize the process. Of course, some theoretical knowledge will also be passed on during these practical hours!

After the initial basics, the massage techniques are intensified with a particular focus on known pain areas such as the neck, lower back or joints. So you learn the well-known Ayurveda Abhyanga massage, our Marma massage, even our yoga massage. Finally, we also come to pain-relieving, relaxing and detoxifying oil applications, such as the Shirodhara forehead pouring.

Dates, schedules and costsFlexibility is important to us

Plan for this practice-oriented massage training 30 hours where people learn, observe and practice. However, we are flexible in scheduling appointments and are happy to adapt to your schedule. Do you want to get through quickly? Then we make longer blocks. Are you very busy and do your massage training on the side? Then we spread the hours over a longer period of time. Just talk to us – we will find dates that suit us and you!

It costs 1500 Euro.

This includes the lessons, all materials and Ayurvedic drinks and water during the training period. If two interested parties meet at around the same time, we would be happy to do the training with both of them - but it can also take place with one individual.

The massage training sessions all take place in Ammaji's Ayurveda Center at Adolfsallee 10 in Wiesbaden.

Registration and further information

If you have any further questions or are interested, please send an email to [email protected] to write.

We look forward to many productive hours!