Do you have physical complaints and somehow you can't get any further, can't you get them solved? Then you've come to the right place with the alternative, traditional science of Ayurveda! Come to an Ayurveda consultation and learn how Ayurveda, used as a medicine in India for thousands of years, deals with your problem! Concrete tips and assistance for you personally!

What problems can I come to the Ayurveda consultation with?

Since Ayurveda is a holistic science, actually with everyone! But in concrete terms, here are a few examples of…

…physical complaints:

  • Digestive problems (gastrointestinal problems, irritable bowel syndrome, constipation, heartburn,...)
  • Back pain, joint pain, pain in arms, legs or other parts of the body
  • migraines, headaches
  • Symptoms during menopause or after hormonal changes
  • Overweight and having difficulty losing weight or underweight with difficulty gaining weight
  • Skin problems such as rashes, dry skin, “peeling hands”,…
  • And of course other complaints that we forgot to list.

… emotional and mental ailments:

  • Thoughts, insecurities and fears
  • stress and its consequences
  • Depression, loss of joy, depressive moods
  • Trouble controlling anger and anger
  • Difficulties in relationships, with partners, in communication or even with friends
  • and much more!

A body check with a pulse diagnosis is always carried out first and an anamnesis of the situation is taken. This means Balendu asks questions about the discomfort and also presses some acupuncture points to test the body's response.

Balendu then gives concrete advice on changes that Ayurveda recommends for these complaints. These can be changes in diet, lifestyle or even in personal hygiene. It can be recommended applications or help, for example, how to break out of your thought patterns so that you feel good again. Exercises for the head, exercises for the body... What exactly Balendu recommends in the Ayurveda consultation naturally depends entirely on the anamnesis and the other person and is therefore always individual!

life advice

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 45 euros

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