Gharshan is a very special type of Ayurveda massage: while Ayurvedic oils are used for almost all massages, Gharshan is performed without oil. Instead, different gripping techniques and tools are used - from silk gloves to gentle brushes!

  • Gharshan Massage
  • Gharshan Massage
  • Gharshan Massage
  • Gharshan Massage

Effect of a lymphatic drainage

In a Gharshan massage, stroking movements support the cardiovascular system. Accumulated liquids come back into the river and can be broken down. The massage has a detoxifying effect and removes toxins and waste products from different parts of the body. This gives a feeling of lightness and at the same time strength and activation. The body finds new strength and with regular use future waste products are reduced.

Smooth skin, healthy tissue

At times during a Gharshan massage, the massager wears silk gloves or uses brushes of varying hardness. This performs a kind of natural peeling that removes dead skin cells. At the same time, the sometimes more intensive circular movements, sometimes gentle strokes promote blood circulation. The tissue is stimulated, the skin tightens and appears younger and more vital thanks to better blood circulation. Even cellulite is reduced by Gharshan massages.

relieve tension

Like the Ayurveda oil massages, the Gharshan massage naturally also helps to relieve muscle hardening and tension. Depending on how you feel, the sometimes gentler, sometimes stronger pressure as well as the circular and stroking movements have an effect.

Feel better and fitter

Overall, Gharshan has a great effect on general well-being. If you are often cold, especially on your hands and feet, you will soon notice an improvement thanks to better blood circulation, you will feel fitter and have more energy, and the stimulated metabolism can even make it easier to lose weight. On the one hand, the body can relax and, on the other hand, it finds strength and energy.

Gharshan should not be performed if you have high blood pressure, varicose veins or during pregnancy.

price and booking

The Gharshan massage can be booked as a stand-alone massage - especially if you don't want to get oily - or before one full body massage or Marma massage.

Duration: 30 minutes/60 minutes
Cost: 45 euros/85 euros

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