Ayurvedic acupuncture points

The Ayurveda Marma massage is a special type of full-body massage: the acupuncture points of Ayurveda are stimulated. Similar to a foot reflexology massage, it stimulates different organs and parts of the body by connecting the nerve pathways. Through this and of course with the help of Ayurvedic herbal oils, the body begins to detoxify.

Relaxation for body and mind

At the same time, the body relaxes through the movements of the massage, which are individually adjusted in strength and intensity. Tensions are released and the mind relaxes as the body relaxes. This reduces stress and leaves the session easier and freer.

It is a full body massage that also massages the head and face. Of course, if you wish, we can also leave your head unmassaged.

Duration: 90 minutes / 120 minutes
Cost: 115 euros / 150 euros

  • face massage
  • Marma massage
  • back massage
  • Ayurvedic acupuncture

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Armin Grom

Hello, I had my first wellness massage at Ammaji's Ayurveda yesterday and I felt very comfortable. Very friendly welcome and the 90 minute massage was very relaxing. Thank you for the great time out. I will be back.

Jens Schepler

Great feel-good massage - 90 minutes of pure relaxation!

Lara Mänche

Was visiting Wiesbaden and had the Marma massage on the recommendation of a friend. I was treated very individually, my problem areas were addressed and the intensity was also adjusted. As a midwife, I can also confidently recommend pregnancy massage! The best thing you can treat yourself and your baby to during pregnancy is a massage! If I lived nearby, I would come regularly.

Had a fantastic massage. Not knowing much about Ayurveda techniques, I selected the Marma massage and it was exactly what I was hoping for. Firm pressure right at the spots that needed it, great attention and care given to old injuries, and a comfortable/relaxing space to fully enjoy the treatment. This is a warm and inviting atmosphere and Balendu is very intuitive about the body and its needs. I appreciated the uniqueness of this experience.

Susanne Pfaadt

The Marma massage was simply great - very relaxing and soothing. An absolute recommendation - I will definitely repeat this.

My first Ayurveda Marma Massage was great! I felt like I was in good hands and I am enthusiastic about the very intensive and soothing massage. We recommend!

Hilde S

Two weeks ago I was there for a consultation and this week (week 30) for a 90-minute Ayurveda massage. It was very professional and relaxing. Since I already enjoyed an Ayurveda intensive treatment somewhere else while on vacation, I can really make a direct comparison. I am so satisfied that I have already booked the next appointment.

Today I went to the Ayurveda center for a yoga massage. I'm completely involved right now, have back pain and came to my appointment completely stressed.. now I'm still stressed, but no longer stressed, I'm relaxed and my back is so much better :-) Thanks for the 90 minutes break

Doerte Schott

I received several professional Marma massages over a few months. They were a real blessing and gave me relaxation, inner peace and vitality. Despite the high professional and private demands, I felt balanced and "in my centre". I am extremely grateful for that. I can only recommend Balendu's art of massage!

I had a very intense, good Marma massage today. I was tense when I arrived and after the massage I felt relaxed and relieved.

Very good marma massage. It definitely wasn't my last. ????

Petra Willas

I've been coming to Ammaji's Ayurveda Center regularly for six months now and I enjoy the successful mixture of cordiality, professional advice and exceptionally good massage. The Marma massage brings you completely out of the chaos of everyday life and has a lasting effect. Body type determination has brought small changes to my everyday life that have noticeably improved annoying stress symptoms. The right tea and the right yoga exercise at the right time work amazingly well. You just have to know which ones... Thanks to a week of delicious Ayurvedic food from Balendu and an informative cooking workshop in the new, comfortable rooms of the center, Ayurvedic nutrition has also found its way into my kitchen. So if you want to use Ayurveda for yourself, you get everything you need here... I'm really happy to have discovered this possibility for myself. Thanks to Balendu and his team.

Ulrike Freiman

As a newcomer to Wiesbaden, I am happy to have found this gem here???? Professional and extremely beneficial massages in a feel-good atmosphere, I particularly recommend the Marma massage????


Because of my health, I got involved with Ayurveda and wanted advice here that would help me to integrate Ayurveda and yoga into my everyday life. During the 3 appointments to determine the body type, my dosha was determined (Pitta-Kapha), and recommendations were given for the key spices and a diet that was appropriate for the dosha, which I was able to implement well and easily. In addition, I was issued a multi-page and well-explained handout, which I still use today. The yoga exercises on it are very helpful and bring me into balance. I treated myself to a massage and one or the other delicious dish from Swami, which was just delicious and soothing. The Marma massage was relaxing and intensive with good oils, it also set things in motion for me and had a good after-effect.

Klaus Schauer

I had a Balendu massage as I had lower back pain. This massage, it was a full body massage, was the best I've ever had. The pain in the back had disappeared by 90 percent. I also had small problems in the shoulder area, which also disappeared after the massage. I can recommend Ammaji's Ayurveda Center to everyone. I feel well advised and in good hands here. That was certainly not the last massage at Balendu. Many, many thanks to the whole team. I'll be back.

Suzanne M

I had a 90 minute massage and it was really great! I'm excited! After that I was totally relaxed and everything went better again!

Laura S

Balendu is super nice and welcoming. He took his time to listen and hear about my issues and asked specific questions to give suitable advice that I can easily incorporate into my daily life. The Marma massage was a blessing (he certainly found every spot that hurt) and I'm looking forward to my next appointment!

Extra treatments can be booked with a Marma massage

Gharshan - Lymphatic massage without oil

Full body massage / Abhyanga

Gharshan is a very special type of Ayurveda massage: while Ayurvedic oils are used for almost all massages, Gharshan is performed without oil. Instead, different gripping techniques and tools are used - from silk gloves to gentle brushes! read more 

Body check

Foot and leg massage

Give away a special extra before each of our massages: a body check! Individual problem areas are recognized and can receive special attention in the following massage or application. read more

Ubtan - beauty treatment for the skin

Ayurvedic food
Ubtan is a natural way of rejuvenating, an application that restores elasticity and youthful glow to the skin - no, we don't inject anything under the skin and we don't use any artificial or chemical agents, it's all natural! read more

Potli – herbal stamp

Herb stamp Potli

Back pain and tension? A warm herbal stamp provides relief and relaxation! After a massage, it increases the effect and helps to loosen muscles and work deep in the tissue. read more

Kati Basti (back treatment)

Kati Basti back treatment back pain

Relieve back pain with this application directly on the individual pain point! Good for pain caused by tension, herniated discs, sciatica problems and more! read more

Shirodhara oil forehead pour

Shirodhara Forehead Cast

Probably the best known and most popular Ayurvedic treatment is Shirodhara, the forehead pouring with warm oil. After a full body massage that relaxes the entire body, close your eyes and enjoy warm oil being poured onto your forehead, relieving tension of all kinds. read more