In an Ayurveda full body massage, the whole body is massaged with Ayurveda oils. These penetrate deep into the skin with their herbs and begin to take effect there. Toxins are released and transported to the outside through the skin. Detoxifying and purifying, but so relaxing at the same time!

The connective tissue is strengthened and the skin tightens, which has a rejuvenating effect. Muscle tension and hardening are relieved with careful and sensitive, but definitely powerful movements. The circulation is stimulated and of course the touch stimulates the nerve endings all over the body.

So come for an Abhyanga massage and enjoy the holistic approach of Ayurveda!

Duration: 45 minutes / 60 minutes 
 65 euros / 85 euros

  • Full body massage / Abhyanga
  • Ayurvedic oil massage
  • relieving tension
  • Full body massage / Abhyanga

Abhyanga massages the body from the neck down. If you would like to have a head and face massage with you, we recommend ours Marma massage.

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Extra treatments can be booked with a full body massage

Gharshan - Lymphatic massage without oil

Full body massage / Abhyanga

Gharshan is a very special type of Ayurveda massage: while Ayurvedic oils are used for almost all massages, Gharshan is performed without oil. Instead, different gripping techniques and tools are used - from silk gloves to gentle brushes! read more 

Body check

Foot and leg massage

Give away a special extra before each of our massages: a body check! Individual problem areas are recognized and can receive special attention in the following massage or application. read more

Ubtan - beauty treatment for the skin

Ayurvedic food
Ubtan is a natural way of rejuvenating, an application that restores elasticity and youthful glow to the skin - no, we don't inject anything under the skin and we don't use any artificial or chemical agents, it's all natural! read more

Potli – herbal stamp

Herb stamp Potli

Back pain and tension? A warm herbal stamp provides relief and relaxation! After a massage, it increases the effect and helps to loosen muscles and work deep in the tissue. read more

Kati Basti (back treatment)

Kati Basti back treatment back pain

Relieve back pain with this application directly on the individual pain point! Good for pain caused by tension, herniated discs, sciatica problems and more! read more

Shirodhara oil forehead pour

Shirodhara Forehead Cast

Probably the best known and most popular Ayurvedic treatment is Shirodhara, the forehead pouring with warm oil. After a full body massage that relaxes the entire body, close your eyes and enjoy warm oil being poured onto your forehead, relieving tension of all kinds. read more