Ayurvedic massage training

Would you like to work with one of the most popular traditional healing methods in the world? Natural help for aches and pains - and work directly on people instead of on the computer! So if you enjoy working with the human body and have experience in giving massages, you've come to the right place!

If you don’t have any experience yet – feel free to come to our 30-hour Ayurveda massage training. If it suits both parties, you can join us right away! If not, you've still learned a great skill and can offer your services as an Ayurvedic massage therapist all over the world!

If you already have experience with other types of massage, we look forward to hearing from you. If it fits in a personal conversation, we will be happy to show you the differences and massage methods of Ayurveda massage and you can join our team.

Interest? Just get in touch with us: [email protected]