Everything about the massage in Ammaji's Ayurveda center - preparation and other questions

Have you signed up for a massage and are looking forward to relaxing, but at the same time want to know if you should bring anything with you or prepare yourself in any way? Here you will find the answers to all your questions about preparing for a massage!

massage room

– Actually you only have to bring yourself

We have everything else here! Towels, oils and a massage table are provided - you can just come and recharge your batteries without having to think about anything in particular!

– If possible, come without make-up

With a facial massage, this point is probably clear - if the oils were rubbed onto the skin, any color, paste or foundation applied would not only smudge, but also prevent the oils from getting through the pores and into the skin to do their job . However, even with most massages that do not directly massage the face, you lie with your face on the head part of the massage - and this is likely to smear your make-up. So it's easier to remove make-up beforehand than afterwards!

– What to do before coming for a massage?

Well, the more important question here is actually what NOT to do - and that's eating. Because being massaged with a full stomach is not only most likely uncomfortable, but also not very conducive to digestion.

Full body massage / Abhyanga

– Not just preparation, but also follow-up

After a massage, some people have the feeling that they would like to treat themselves to some rest, while others feel so energetic that they want to get right back into the action. In any case, however, the Ayurvedic massage with its herbal oils has triggered the detoxification in the body, which is why you should definitely drink a lot of water on this day!

– Listen to your body – come as often as you feel like it!

People often ask how often you should come for a massage. The answer is simple: ask your body! Except for the pleasant well-being, the relaxation of muscles and mind, the massage has no side effects and so you can come every month, every week and theoretically even every day!
It is a special treat for the body - your muscles, your skin and your joints will thank you!