Since the beginning of the corona pandemic, it has all been clear to us: we have to strengthen our immune system to ward off viruses like the Covid19 virus! So take care of your immune system! Detoxify and strengthen yourself while releasing tension and relaxing! That's exactly why we have a very special offer - an Ayurvedic treatment! Good for the immune system, pain relieving and just so beneficial! 

Ayurveda treatment – detoxify, relax, de-stress

Right from the start of our treatment, demand was high! It is a mini-Panchakarma treatment that helps the body in particular to detoxify, but also relaxes, purifies and rejuvenates! The immune booster treatment is available in two versions – three days or two weeks! Of course, you can also combine three days several times - and you'll feel the effect every day!

After all, who doesn't dream of: finally having time for yourself, treating your body, relaxing and eating healthy. Just a cure - from home, because not everyone can or wants to travel for two or four weeks! And you can sleep comfortably in your own bed!

Ayurvedic food
Head and neck massage

massages and treatments

No matter how many days you choose - the treatment begins with an individual body check in which problem areas and blockages in the body are found by applying pressure to Ayurveda acupuncture points. After this check, recommendations are made for the following applications.

This is followed by one-hour massages and individually tailored treatments such as every day during the week Shirodhara – Forehead affusion (a forehead pour with warm oil), Katie Basti (back treatment with oil), potli (herbal stamp), Gharshan - Lymphatic massage without oil, one Basti (Ayurveda colonic irrigation) and more.

Your body can detoxify in this Ayurveda cure and you will soon feel your stress levels drop, pain subside and tension relieve.

Individual Ayurveda nutrition

In addition, after each treatment you can take home delicious Ayurvedic food for the day! Prepared with your immune system in mind, we create an Ayurvedic culinary delight. Ginger, turmeric, many other spices and more come together to create a strengthening yet light Ayurvedic diet.

The combination of massage and food also helps with digestive problems - and is so good!

Massages and treatments take place Monday to Friday, but food is also available on Saturday for Saturday and Sunday.


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Two weeks of Ayurveda treatment with a one-hour massage usually cost 2,100 euros. But now the cure is available at a special price!

14 day booster treatmentThree day express treatment
Price1500 Euro400 euros

Payment options: Of course, the price can be paid in full. For anyone who finds paying the 14-day treatment all at once too much, there is now the option of paying in five monthly installments of 300 euros each!

Since we will be providing participants with appointments on the same days for this special price, we have fixed appointments. In the following periods you can choose whether you want to take part for two weeks or whether you choose three consecutive days for an express treatment.

Interested? Then please get in touch! If you are interested, you can either book directly below or simply send us an email to [email protected] , a WhatsApp on 0171-2744984 or call 0611-16898161.

We look forward to you!

Extra option: food only

Since we were asked about it from several sides, we are now making it possible ONLY to take the food away - without massages and treatments! So if you don't have that much time, you can get the food for 14 days from us during the Ayurveda cure! Ayurvedic, vegetarian, delicious!

Price: 400 euros for the whole two weeks (per person)

Here too: call / WhatsApp on 0171 2744 984 or send an email to [email protected].


A very professional treatment. Clean, warm rooms and friendly staff. The massage with pressure points was very effective. The aryuvedic meals were tasty and filling🙏

very good Ayurveda massage

Birgit Gross

I took part in the two-week Ayurveda cure in January. It was a great time being able to enjoy a very relaxing and soothing massage once a day despite work. The freshly prepared meals were delicious and filling. Balendu and his team are very warm and wonderful people. I would like to repeat the course.

I was there for a very good massage, which solved a lot, as well as for a type consultation. The type consultation helped me a lot and improved my attitude towards life. I can only warmly recommend Balendu, he is very sensitive and good at his job.

Sophia Wagner

Thank you very much for the two-week cure, a wonderful break and a pleasure! Will definitely keep coming back until then.

Danny Limping

Very warm, pleasant atmosphere and lovely people! 🙂 The Ayurveda treatments are incredibly relaxing and have a very deep effect, and the food is simply delicious! This was my first experience with Ayurveda and since I have been following the nutritional recommendations that suit my dosha, several symptoms (skin problems, digestion, sleep...) have become much better. Can only highly recommend it to everyone! 🙂

Nico Long

A piece of India in Wiesbaden. Authentic, calm, down to earth. No frills, great massages, delicious food and warm people. Almost like in India.