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Abdominal massage is an incredibly helpful way to relieve indigestion or other ailments. With a regular massage, the whole metabolism gets going again!  read more

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In Ayurveda, the abdominal massage - of course, in addition to an adequate diet - is a very important element on the way to a healthy life. Why? It effectively boosts digestion and metabolism, helps to remove leftover food from the stomach and intestines, stimulates the internal organs and helps the metabolism to get going again!

The organs are massaged from the outside with gentle, circular movements. This relaxes the finest muscle strands and reduces the tendency to cramps.

It may be unusual to have your stomach massaged, but people with symptoms such as constipation, cramps, flatulence or sluggish digestion benefit from a stomach massage.

Finally, an abdominal massage also relieves cramps and prevents symptoms before and during menstrual bleeding. Again, cramps are common and the massage helps to relax the body area.

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Once or as a package

Once 30 minutes, 10+1 card for abdominal massage


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