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Not only does the foot and leg massage relieve tension, but the foot reflex zones and the acupuncture points there unfold their effect with a stimulating massage throughout the body! read more

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The soles of the feet are the endpoints of many nerve tracts, where they form acupuncture points with connections throughout the body. The soothing and stimulating effect of foot reflexology has also become well-known. In Ayurveda, these marma points are stimulated in a foot and leg massage, so that not only relaxation takes place, but also detoxification is stimulated.

A foot massage clearly has an effect far beyond the time during the massage. Nerve pathways are stimulated, the delicate muscles stimulated, the connective tissue strengthened and, of course, the blood flow is stimulated again. Accumulations of water in the legs are also stimulated to dissolve.

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Once or as a package

One 30 minute, 10+1 card for foot and leg massage


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