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Give a loved one a real treat with this head and neck massage! Or of course yourself! It doesn't matter whether it's acute neck pain, regular headaches or stress-related tension and mental stress - this massage helps to relax and let go! read more

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You can only get a head and neck massage at the hairdresser's once in a while, but once you've had one there, you know how good it is! Pleasant pressure, circular movements, the scalp gets more than you even do when you shower with the shampoo... and then it's down the neck, right to those tensions that bother so much!

There are many reasons for that:

  • too much computer work with eyes downcast especially on laptops
  • incorrect posture when sitting or even walking
  • Hours behind the wheel of the car
  • the wrong pillow or the wrong mattress….

The neck is a sore point for many and the massage helps to relieve pain and loosen the triggering muscle stiffness. In addition, there is Balendu's special neck treatment for everyone who needs it! This head and neck massage works wonders!

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Once or as a package

Once 30 minutes, 10+1 card for head and neck massage


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