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A body type determination in Ayurveda determines which of the doshas, i.e. the combination of elements, predominate in the body. A pulse diagnosis, a detailed discussion as well as examining some acupuncture points, the Marma points, help.

Ayurveda lists the following doshas: Vata, Pitta, Kapha

In addition, however, there are also mixed types of two or three of the doshas, which occurs much more frequently. Every person carries these elements within themselves, but in different forms, which shows its effect physically, emotionally, mentally and also in behavior. If these doshas become imbalanced, we feel the effects in illness, mental disorders and general malaise.

So we can preventively find out which doshas are active in our body and adjust accordingly or intervene in case of difficulties. Diet, specific exercise or changes in thinking and acting can help to bring the body and the doshas back into balance.


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